Interdisciplinary research is at the heart of SRF Re2. Projects focused on theater have already been carried out.

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Previous and Current Projects

Interdisciplinary research is at the heart of SRF Re2. Projects focused on theater have already been carried out. Interdisciplinary and international conferences distinguish the Re2 profile. Publications in various formats testify to the productive collaboration between the disciplines.

Abschnitt Theatrical Techniques
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Maschine, die der «gloire» ermöglicht, sich zu öffnen
Maschine, die der «gloire» ermöglicht, sich zu öffnen.

The IZKT and the "Frankreich-Schwerpunkt" funded a first day draft of the digital exhibition which was designed an programmed by a team of Beate Lang, Fabian Mauch, Felicitas Mössner, Ina-May Nonnenmacher, Selina Seibel, Alisa Winkens and Kirsten Dickhaut. The digital exhibition on theatre and its machinery was finished in 2023:
Theatre and its machinery: Pierre Corneille´s Andromède and his historical stage effects

Funded by the Fritz Thyssen Siftung, the SRC, and the IZKT: Figures in the Christian World: On the Significance of Sorcerers, Magicians and Witches and their “Steering of Things" in Italian Renaissance Literature.


Abschnitt Visualization, Simulation, Science

Soft Tissue Robotics: Simulation-Driven Concepts and Design for Control and Automation for Robotic Devices Interacting with Soft Tissues (Olivier Riedel)

Abschnitt Theatre Drama
Logo SDC4Lit


SDC4Lit:Science Data Center for Literature (Gabriel Viehhauser)

Logo Creta

Center for reflected text analytics, Gabriel Viehhauser

Cyclist And PEdestrians on REal and VIrtual Shared rOads (BMDV, Uwe Wössner)

German Studies Institute Partnership between the University of Stuttgart and  University Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Ouagadougou (Annette Bühler-Dietrich/Daniel Hole)

BMBF-funded: HybridLR
Wirkfaktoren und Good Practice bei der Gestaltung hybrider Lernräume (Ulrike Cress)

Grafik, alle vorherigen Abschnitte zusammengefasst

Conferences and workshops

Past conferences

Fiction and Simulation: how is virtual reality created and what does it mean? Colloquium at the Institute for Literary Studies, Stuttgart, 13-14 December 2022

Cultural Techniques of Interfaces: from fictionalization to imitation Workshop at the Institute for Literary Studies, Stuttgart 14 March 2023

AcclamationCreating structures through enthusiastic acceptance or insulting rejection (from Augustine to Asterix). German Forum for Art History, Paris, 5-6 July 2023.

Persona – On the Functions of the Mask in the Arts: A Comparison of Theater, Computer Games, and Social Role Playing Italian Center, University of Stuttgart, 24 November 2022.


Simulation/Dissimulation: Constellations of Deception and Disappointment in Historical and Systematic Perspective. University of Stuttgart, 26-28 September 2023.


All members publish their project publications on their websites. In addition, SRF Re2 publishes joint research in various formats such as in digital exhibition or in the new book series: Simulatio:

The new book series “Simulatio” with renowned publishing house J.B. Metzler (Heidelberg) offers possibilities for (SRF-related) publications.


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